The main objective of Lingua Fortuna is to promote social cohesion and offer prevention services focused on peace and sustainable development! Our activities are centered on education for non-violence, global citizenship and cooperation among people of all cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities and philosophical beliefs!

In addition, the asbli (NGO in the making) Lingua Fortuna offers its help to young people and members of their families fleeing the war in Ukraine following the russian invasion.

From August 1 to 7, we welcome young Belgians and Ukrainians to our annual summer camp which aims at social cohesion and education in non-violence and democratic values!

The camp takes place at the Ferme de Manensart, in the picturesque region of the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure, where young people will have the opportunity to learn to live in a multinational community, to become aware of tolerance and sustainable development.

In the morning, the young Ukrainians will take French lessons focusing on democratic values ​​and Belgian culture, while the young Belgians will take peace classes and discover Ukrainian culture, in particular through Ukrainian folklore classes.

The two groups will then participate together in theater and body expression workshops, as well as fun activities such as the discovery of nature and the region, creative workshops, games and sports activities.

We offer 20 camp places in total for young people aged 14 to 18, including 10 places for Belgians and 10 places for Ukrainians.

Registration conditions for refugees from Ukraine:

  • be between 14 and 18 years old at the time of the camp
  • be a member of Lingua Fortuna (Member Form)
  • send a copy of Annex 15, the Membership Form, as well as a letter of motivation in French of maximum one A4 page to the following address before July 1, 2022:
    The motivation letter will be judged on the content and the form

Registration conditions for Belgians:

  • be between 14 and 18 years old at the time of the camp
  • print, complete, sign and send us the Registration Form
  • pay the PAF and send us proof of payment
    all documents must be sent to the following address: before July 15, 2022

N.B.: Belgian interns with BIM status automatically receive a 30% reduction on the total price of the camp, in the same way as members of Lingua Fortuna

Belgian members of Lingua Fortuna benefit from a reduction at the course, as well as a reduction and/or free admission to our occasional events outside the camp. To become a member, send us the Membership Form and proof of payment of your dues.