The main goal of Lingua Fortuna is to promote cultural exchange between peoples, the French language and Belgian culture, but also and above all to give children in precarious situation the opportunity to travel and acquire new knowledge. We still propose three paid places per country, without obligation to take part to the contest.

The summer camp takes place in the picturesque region of Chimay (Belgium), close to the Lakes of Eau d’Heure from August 2 to 9.

About twenty Ukrainian and Polish children will take French lessons in the morning, while around ten Belgian children will take introductory courses in Slavic languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish but also English. In the afternoon, activities will be organized so that participants can practice their learning in a more relaxed setting: discovery of the region and nature, sports activities, games, convivial moments around a good meal are on the program.

We offer the possibility to Ukrainian and Polish children aged 10 to 18 at the time of the summer camp, to acquire an “all inclusive” place without having to take part to the contest, nor to have any level of French. Beginners or level 0 are also welcome!

Paid places are limited! There are only 3 places for each country. Do not hesitate to contact us to buy your summer camp place.

The price of summer camp is 400 EUR and includes: round trip from Ukraine / Poland to Brelgium, accommodation, meals, courses, tours and other activities.

For more information on paid places, please contact us at the following address

If you are Ukrainian or Polish, from 10 to 18 years old and you study French as part of your school program, your household income is less than 20 000 UAH (for Ukraine) and 9000 PLN (for Poland), you can enter the Lingua Fortuna contest to win a free summer camp placement! More information on our website, under the heading “For children in precarious situation”.