The main objective of Lingua Fortuna is to promote social cohesion and offer prevention services focused on peace and sustainable development! Our activities are centered on education for non-violence, global citizenship and cooperation among people of all cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities and philosophical beliefs!

In addition, the asbli (NGO in the making) Lingua Fortuna offers its help to young people and members of their families fleeing the war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

ASBLi (NGO in the making) Lingua Fortuna gives priority to helping MENA (unaccompanied foreign minors) by transporting them from Poland to Belgium and placing them in boarding schools under the responsibility of public bodies.

For adult students and children accompanied by a legal guardian (mum, grandmother, etc.), we can, as far as possible, help you find temporary protection in a host family .

If you wish to benefit from temporary protection and social assistance in Belgium, but you cannot reach Belgium, please fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as a bus is available to inform you of the place and of the time of the evacuation from Poland.

Request form for transport to Belgium

Further information on the procedure and the assistance offered by the Belgian state can be found here:

Temporary protection in Belgium

If you are already in Belgium (or plan to travel on your own) and wish to continue your higher education, please contact the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) directly: Studying at ULB

Lingua Fortuna’s support for young refugees consists of:

Assistance in finding temporary accommodation

Connecting with local universities and schools

Assistance and advice for regularization in Belgium

Organization of intercultural events aimed at helping integration and social cohesion